30 Jul
  • By Massa M. Kromah


Wouldn’t you love to be a Child’s Earth angel today? Where you would have the opportunity to shelter a child’s future underneath your wings, in order to provide Quality Education through Scholarships.

Every single day we see so many Children wandering around the streets of Liberia, with no hope of ever entering the four walls of a Classroom, and for some that have been there, are not even sure if they would ever have the Chance to return.

Some of these Children have to watch some of their mates who are in school consume the privilege of a good Education, and wish someone like you can cross their path, so that they won’t be left in the Hell of illiteracy and Poverty.

And can One day be proud to say that without your continuous love and financial support towards them, they won’t have made it to the point where their dreams became reality.

At Children Earth Angel Foundation [CEAF], we have designed a charitable path for you to become that Hero every Child needs. To help kids become productive citizens in our nation we would be giving Scholarships this September 2018 -2019.

We would need your Generous Support to achieve this, so be a sponsor today to CEAF Enhancement Scholarship Scheme Project.

Contact us: +231886554396 +231775509951
Email: info@ceafn.org

Children Earth Angel Foundation

A hand that opens in charity is an Angel on Earth, so please make a pledge.

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About The Massa M. Kromah

Massa M. Kromah is a graduate of the University of Liberia, with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Diploma in Small and Medium enterprises and promotion in Africa, obtained in Japan.