20 Aug
  • By Massa M. Kromah


Who is Massa M Kromah? I would start by saying that I am a Liberian woman. Alright, is that enough to define who I am? Yes of course, it is.

I am saying this with so much joy in my heart because the first person that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Liberian Woman” is a Zenith of strength, a voice that commands respect home and abroad, a king of Queens, a pillar of world class leadership, with no further ado I introduce to you the Former President of this great nation, the Nobel Peace Laureate Winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

A face that represents every woman in this country, a mentor to us all.

I was at a book review with Dr. Elisha Attai, a galactic force when it comes to empowering women. Being a member of the African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO), founded by Dr. Elisha Attai has added a lot of value to my personality.

The book review got me more excited when I had to share a moment or two with my Mentor, Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and having to read about her in the book amongst so many Extraordinary African women inspired me a lot. Often called Africa’s “Iron lady” Mrs. Ellen Johnson sirleaf is one person more women should read about in order to increase their worth in the society.

With what I have read about her in Dr. Elisha Attai’s book “African Women of Worth”, CEAF would be doing more to empower girls and women to create amazons like her.

I would acknowledge you to join this train, be a “king of queens” like I and the Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, because the easiest way to stand out in your society is to uplift other women. And if you are a member of the opposite sex like Dr. Elisha Attai, in the spirit of ‘He for She’ you have a role to play, don’t sit back and watch things go wrong.

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About The Massa M. Kromah

Massa M. Kromah is a graduate of the University of Liberia, with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Diploma in Small and Medium enterprises and promotion in Africa, obtained in Japan.

Promote and Monitor Human Rights

Great step up Massa, continue to move up. Let the moon be your limit!! The children of Liberia need strong woman with great heart like you!

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