volunteer nurse with CEAF Liberia
10 Apr
  • By Massa M. Kromah

Children Earth Angel Foundation volunteer nurse examines and provides medication for orphans in Liberia

volunteer nurse with CEAF Liberia
Examination at the orphanage in Liberia

Children Earth Angel Foundation, received a volunteer nurse from Florida, by the name Janet Reeves, who was hosted by CEAF, early March 2018 on her visit to Liberia, she was able to carried on examination and provide medication/ iron vitamins for two orphanages in Liberia. Miss Reeves and her colleague, Mr. Harris lasted for a week in Liberia, as they were able to touch more lives, with good gestures towards the kids.

volunteer nurse with baby
Baby born without eyes

Miss Reeves was very excited in working with CEAF seeing some of the challenges the children encounter on a daily basic, and seeing the need to render more services on her returned. She promised to also encourages her friends back in the US, to seek the need to help the less fortunate children in Liberia, through her examinations. She also saw the spread of skepes/rashes among the kids, lack of vitamins, stomach worms because of poor diet, a child that is fed through the tube because of a damage esophagus, due to the damage of caustic soda that she swallows at age 5, and also a 8 months baby, that was born without eyes.

Therefore it was a blessing for the foundation to have people seeing the  need to help the children of Liberia, cause there is so much to be done,  especially in a country where poverty is at the highest level. A country recovering from war and the deadly Ebola disease, which has lift more children alone and to the mercy of the caregivers in many orphanages around the country.

volunteer nurse with CEAF Liberia
Volunteer nurse with CEAF Liberia

CEAF Liberia is waiting on the return of miss Reeves, and are also calling upon other volunteers in different areas of works, to come and also help the children of Liberia. Miss Reeves, also distributed several gifts at the various orphanages which includes, clothing, toys, reading and drawing books, hair accessories for the girls, flip lops, sneakers, tooth paste and brushes for all the kids.

It was really a great experience in working with Janet, as she shared her work experience with the organization, and we are looking forward to more volunteers as we can all make an impact in society. It is to be noted that this story was also covered by Front Page Africa.

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