27 Aug
  • By Massa M. Kromah

Children Earth Angel Foundation Celebrates 2019 Easter With underprivileged children at Children Rescue Orphanage  

Children Earth Angel Foundation Celebrates 2019 Easter

With underprivileged children  at 

Children Rescue Orphanage


As a non-Governmental organization that carry out its duties in an environment free of political, religious and ethnic persuasion which have a four primary programmatic areas under the “Sustainable Development Initiative”(SDI) agenda which include, keeping children  HEALTHY and HAPPY.Easter lunchfun time

Saturday, April 20 2019 wasn’t just like every other day in the month, and that was because that day was set aside to uniquely show love and compassion to about 70 Orphans from the Children Rescue Center Orphanage in Mt. Barclay

The event was colorful dued to the support from our donors , making it an easter to remember , we had lots of food,  school material, gifts and fun activities which include, Easter Egg Hunt, Brief History about Easter by one of the kids, Bag Race, Volley Ball, etc.

Many thanks to our Donors: Pastor Charles Nyarko, Mr. Chuchu Selma and Miss Patricia Awo for the job well done as we strides in putting smiles on the faces of Orphans/ Underprivileged children across Liberia ensuring that every child is Educated, Healthy, Safe and Happy.

Again, we are grateful for the help provided along such a rewarding journey.


CEAF: A hand that opens in Charity is an Angel on Earth.



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