Clothe the needy in Liberia Christmas event
07 Mar
  • By Massa M. Kromah
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CEAF 2017 Christmas Event With Orphans in Liberia

I am Miss Massa Kromah from Liberia, a country where the economy is so bad. Based on that, our living condition is extremely poor, that an average Liberian cannot afford a dollar to live a day. Because of these reasons I personally decided to open this organization to meet the needs of those less fortunate […]

Protection Against Social Inclusion
09 Dec
  • By CEAF
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Protection against social inclusion

People need protection against the risks and shocks that can drive them into poverty. They also need decent jobs as the clearest route to escape from poverty and to live in conditions of equity and dignity. In developing countries most jobs are characterized by low average earnings, a lack of adequate social protection and productivity, […]