CEAF boss being pinned with flowers
09 Mar
  • By Massa M. Kromah


CEAF boss celebrating international women's day

To help someone is very similar to when you sow seeds, one day those seeds would germinate into beautiful ripe fruits.

The 8th of March is a day to never forget as the Children Rescue Orphanage Mission Home, located in Glazon Mount Barclay chose to honor our Ed Ms. Massa Matu Kromah for her humanitarian services rendered to the church and the Orphanage. She also got to celebrate the International Women’s Day with the women of the Christ Family Outreach Church located in mount Barclay. On the same day, the Children Rescue Center Orphanage Mission Home also got to enjoy the privileges of CEAF.

Two years ago, CEAF discovered the Children Rescue Orphanage Mission Home located in Glazon Mount Barclay, through the Excellent Leadership of the Executive Director Ms. Massa Matu Kromah. In 2018, CEAF embarked on the “Light for life” Solar project and amongst the four homes that benefited, Children Rescue Orphanage Mission Home was one of them. The other homes were Comfort Toe OrphanageCEAF boss lady Home, Our Children Future Orphanage Home, and Mother Victoria Orphanage Home. CEAF didn’t stop at just installing Solar lights for both the boys and girls dormitories at the Children Rescue Orphanage Mission Home, but CEAF kept supporting with these other programs below:
April 2019, we had an Easter program, where we distributed items, cooked and celebrated with the members of the Mount Barclay community and also that of the Orphanage.CEAF boss getting pinned with flowers September 23 also in 2019, we went back to the Children Rescue Orphanage Mission Home for a back to school program where we donated school items, provisions and so on and also did a one-day feeding program for the members of the community and the Orphanage. Recently on March 6, there was a donation from one of our donors who is based in the US, Mr. Boychie D. Benson and he was so excited to meet the kids and so pleased with the work that CEAF has rendered to the home and promises to be more supportive. CEAF in a group picture
It was an emotional moment for our Executive Director to see all her hard work and sacrifices being appreciated. The Orphans and underprivileged children love the ED so much because apart from the donations and events that CEAF holds for them, she visits them regularly to hold motivational sessions to uplift their minds. This is something the ED does regularly at order homes and schools.
CEAF boss sharing candy with a girlFor example, she visited the Whithergreen Foundation where she had a motivational session with the Students and also had a special section with the press club where She encouraged them to follow their dreams and aspirations with priceless guard lines on how to be a better version of themselves.
The ED assured the Children Rescue Orphanage Mission Home that this is just the beginning of greater things as she continues to put in more effort in ensuring that every child is healthy, educated, safe and happy.
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Massa M. Kromah is a graduate of the University of Liberia, with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Diploma in Small and Medium enterprises and promotion in Africa, obtained in Japan.

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Children Earth Angel Foundation (CEAF), I write to extend thanks and appreciation for your numerous contributions toward the causes in Liberia. Your donors should be very proud to know that their donations are being used to solve many overlooked problems faced in West Africa with emphasis on Liberia. Hoping this blog post will pursue them to donate even more funds. CEAF, I urge that you guys continue the great work.

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