CEAF 2016 Christmas Event
04 Dec
  • By Massa M. Kromah

2016 Christmas Event

Give Back Christmas Event

Children Earth Angel Foundation celebrate Christmas yearly to identify with orphans, and the needed children of Liberia. They use this opportunity to give back to the communities. So in 2016, CEAF held an event, where they visited the sick and orphans, presenting them gifts.

As we all know, Christmas is one of the most celebrated events of the year. During this time, families get together with love ones and friends. With this being a known fact, CEAF knew how lonely and less fortunate would feel without their love ones. So they became the love ones for the less fortunate children in Liberia.

Due to the joy that was felt, CEAF added this as one of their touching lives program. The touching lives program has been very successful through the many helps given by donors, grants and donations. This event brings the communities closer, and help restore hope, confidence, and high-level of self esteem among the children of Liberia.

Gifts were exchanged during 2016 event. Among those gifts were items such as; educational materials, food, toys, clothing and medical supplies to help keep the children healthy and happy.

More pictures from this event can be found in our gallery.

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